Sightseeing and Places of Interest

We have listed below some places and areas of interest for sightseeing, visiting, eating, etc.

We also provide lots of guides, magazines, etc, in the apartment, and are always happy to offer our own knowledge.

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Distance from the villa:- 5 minutes drive (4.5 miles).



Distance from the villa:- 10 minute drive (6.5miles), either along the coastal highway or the new motorway.



Distance from the villa:- 16 minutes (9 miles)drive along the motorway and inland into the village.


Distance from the villa:- 21 minutes (9 miles)drive on a mountain road leading inland.

Almunecar and La Herradura


Distance from the villa:- 22 minutes (16 miles) for La Herradura, and 33 minutes (23 miles) for Almunecar, driving along spectacular coastline views.

Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar

Distance from the villa:- 16 minutes (12 miles) along the coastal road.


Distance from the villa:- 45 minutes (32 miles)


Distance from the villa:- 2hrs 11 minutes (117 miles)

Please use the link below for a good site showing you detailed routes and planning:

Route Finder:

Fiestas and Ferias throughout Andalucia

The truth is the Spanish love their fiestas and take them very seriously.
They know every Saints day and special date important to the village, region or country off by heart. There really is no need then to put up posters or remind us foreigners that on the third Wednesday in January the whole village gets together for a special meal in honour of their local saint so its pointless trying to buy those much needed loo rolls that afternoon.

Fiestas are not just an excuse to have a lie in and then go down town to get drunk, but it's an opportunity to get together with family and friends, mix with other people from the village or just enjoy the community spirit.
It is true that free food and drink is often provided at lunch time and then in the evening there is a seemingly endless bar with burgers on tap to go with all the dancing. However, whether a one off event or a week long party, the whole village gets involved in helping preparing, planning, serving and clearing up. These festivities are financed by people paying a little during the year so look out for the signs in the bank as its worthwhile making a donation if you want to experience this unique part of Spanish culture for yourself.
Although fiesta dates vary from village to village, please click on the link below to find out more about fiestas in our area.